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Trademark registered by the Vegan Society.

We are the first Ecofriendly brand in the hair removal sector. Our entire line of Ecodepil products now have the Vengan Society seal. Know all the products.

Do you need to shave with DAEN?
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Vegan Hair Removal Waxes

100% Vegan

More natural ingredients, more

environmental friendly,

suitable for vegans.


100% Ecofriendly

100% Cruelty free

Click here to see the Vegan Society certificate

Body hair removal cream

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Creamy Microwavable Waxes in Pearls Avocado and Mango


Red Fruit Facial Bands

Hair Removal Strips Perfect Eyebrows



  • Choose the shape of your eyebrows

  • Ideal for eyebrows and between the eyebrows

  • With soft wax

  • Special support to ensure quick and easy application

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Enriched with shea butter

  • Without parabens

Bandas depilatorias Cejas Perfectas.webp
Daen Ecodepil hair removal cream.png

Vegan Hair Removal Strips

More natural ingredients, more

environmental friendly,

suitable for vegans.

Bandas faciales Frutos Rojos.webp

Hair removal cream for men – Gym & Travel Format

Crema depilatoria para hombre Gym Viaje.webp
cera formato gym y viaje.webp

Bleaching cream

cream decolorante.webp

Rosehip Microwave Wax

Cold strip wax and hot wax for Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian Wax depilatory wax

It comes with four fantasy templates for hair removal.

cazoleta brazilian wax.png

Daen products include raw materials from Iberian forests with the PEFC certification , that means that our waxes help make the environment sustainable.


Our formulas with ingredients of natural-vegetable origin, from Iberian pine resins, contribute to maintaining our forests and are socially sustainable because they help employment in rural areas.

Interested in becoming a Daen distributor?

For orders at the level of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, and also to market Daen in other countries, contact us by writing to:

We invite you to know HERBA TURAL .

Complete and innovative treatments for each type of hair.

The best essences, extracts and oils of plants, which bring all its benefits to the hair naturally.

Visit his website here.

Charity Daen

Daen was a sponsor of the 5th Charity Padel tournament for Amantaní, which houses boys and girls in a situation of family vulnerability due to temporary or permanent inability of the family to care for them. held in Granollers at the Padel Indoor facilities.


Thanks to our support, this year the number of participants and the benefits of the draw doubled. We want to share some pictures of the event.

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