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Frequent questions

Before contacting us, carefully read this list of frequently asked questions and answers, we are sure that here you will be able to resolve many of your doubts without having to spend time trying to contact us, if you do not find an answer here that satisfies your If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us at:, we will be happy to help you.

I had a very strong reaction after applying a product.


If you experience an aggressive reaction to a product (grains, sores, aches, dizziness, burned skin among others), a wax or a cream for example, contact the Toxicology Information Service at number 91 562 04 20 and describe in detail the situation, they will tell you what to do (Information in Spanish 24h / 365 days).


The wax has not removed my hair as I expected.


There are many different types of hair, also the skin is a factor that influences hair removal, you must know yourself and know what is the best option to shave, each woman is a different world and reacts differently to the same product, If you have tried a wax and in your case it has not given the expected results, before drawing any conclusion, it would be better to explore other options of hair removal and assess the results, in general it cannot be said that a wax does not work does not depilate if in You have almost not worked, the product is simply not for you and you must find another option.


The wax has left my skin red or irritated.


To avoid problems of this type, you must first follow the instructions that come with each product Give the letter, if after doing so you do not get the expected results, then you should start experimenting slowly with the wax, for example by letting it act a little less or a little more than the time recommended by Daen in the instructions and go evaluating the results on your skin, be very careful to experiment little by little and not let the products act for much longer than recommended for at least the first Sometimes, you will finally find the best way to use Daen waxes on your skin.


The bands have left my skin red or irritated.


The best thing you can do to avoid problems of this type is to test the bands in different parts of the body and put a lot of stress on the results, some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, for example the area of the upper lip and the upper side of the eyebrows. The type of skin also influences the reaction. In general there will always be a more sensitive area of the body than another and a reddened or slightly irritated area is very normal. We leave you a graph of the zones, the most sensitive areas being red and the least blue.


The bands have not adhered to my skin and have not removed the hair.


Although some batch of bands may be defective, it is most likely that you used the bands incorrectly, so we advise you to always read and follow the product's instructions to the letter, other aspects to take into account if the bands do not adhere properly to the skin are; use the bands with oily, dirty or wet skin, pay close attention to this fact and try to use the bands only with your clean and in good condition.


Can I use the wax on the whole body?


No, there are specific face waxes and other body waxes, it is best that you use each wax on the body part that is indicated on the box and the indications, misusing the waxes exempts Daen from any responsibility.


Where can I buy Daen products?


It depends on the city, in many of us we are present in El Corte Inglés and Mercadona, in Andorra in the River Supermarkets, and online you can buy all our products on the Maquillalia website.


Are Daen products sustainable?


Formulated with ingredients of natural-plant origin, our waxes help make our environment sustainable, including raw materials from Iberian forests (Iberian pine resins) with PEFC certification. They contribute to maintaining our forests and environment and are socially sustainable because they help employment in rural areas.


Are Daen products suitable for vegans?


Although we try to make all the ingredients of Daen products as environmentally friendly as possible, we cannot guarantee that our products are suitable for vegans today, however, we are analyzing how to be closer and closer to that possibility.


I want to make a claim about a product What should I do?


To make a claim about a defective product or that has not fulfilled its purpose, you must take a photo or scan the box where the lot number appears and send it to the email along with your name, address, telephone number contact and a detailed description of what happened and so we can process your claim. Please note that we cannot process any claim if the aforementioned requirements are not met.

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