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Con los productos Daen tu piel y la naturaleza están en las mejores manos.


We take care of your skin

Daen, Laboratorios Ibercosmetic SL.

The history of Daen depilatories is the story of an initiative.

Each of the men and women who collaborate in the company forms a live, real cell, which is indispensable for the proper functioning and development of Daen. Since its origins in 1959 in Barcelona, Daen is today, one of the leading brands of depilatory products in Spain.

Specialization in the field of female hair removal led the founders of Daen to devise new formulas and hair removal systems, such as cold wax in bands. The demand for Daen depilatories from abroad, in 1975, led the company to expand in more than 30 countries.

Daen products are formulated by experts in professional hair removal and are adapted to the needs of consumers to use at home. Daen is the hair removal proposal that combines softness, aesthetics and efficiency. The range of Daen hair removal products covers all segments of the hair removal category for women and men.

The Daen product range

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