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DAEN is sustainable hair removal

Brazilian Depilatory Bands

More product in less space + plastic-free bowl

Brazilian Wax depilatory wax

100% Vegan

More natural ingredients, more

environmental friendly,

suitable for vegans.

It comes with four fantasy templates for hair removal.

100% Ecofriendly

100% Cruelty free

100% Like you

cazoleta brazilian wax.png

Daen products include raw materials from Iberian forests with the PEFC certification , that means that our waxes help to make the environment sustainable.


Our formulas with ingredients of natural-vegetable origin, of Iberian pine resins, contribute to maintaining our forests and are socially sustainable because they help employment in rural areas.

We invite you to know HERBA TURAL .

More products in less space

The new packaging of the facial and body bands allows more Ecodepil products to be available in the linear.

So, in the same space as

before two bands fit,

Now there are four.

Complete and innovative treatments for each type of hair.

The best essences, extracts and oils of plants, which bring all its benefits to the hair naturally.

Visit his website here.

How to use Daen dry shampoo

New Design Body Bands

bandas corporales travel pack.png

Interested in becoming a Daen distributor?

For orders at the level of the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands, and also to market Daen in other countries, contact us by writing to:

Daen solidarity.

We have been at the solidarity dinner of the Our Little Brothers Foundation supporting the project to help 600 children in the Santa Fe Ranch of NPH in Honduras.


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