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With Daen prodicts your skin is in good hands.


Skin care

Daen, Laboratorios Ibercosmetic SL.

The history of Daen depilatories is, above all, the history of an initiative.


Every one of the men and women who collaborate in the company form a genuine living cell which is indispensable for the good operation of the whole Daen development. Since its origins in Barcelona in 1959, Daen is today, one of the main depilatories brand in Spain


The specialization in the field of feminine depilation led the founders of Daen to conceive new formulas and depilation systems such as the cold wax in strips. The demand of Daen depilatories from foreign countries led the company by 1975 to expand to more than 30 countries.


Daen products are formulated by experts in professional depilation and adapted to the consumer needs to be used at home. Daen is the proposal of depilation that unites cosmetic, smoothness and efficacy. The depilatories range of Daen covers all the segments of the depilatory category for women and men.

The Daen products family

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